Hello, and welcome to the MyAnonamouse Invite page.

Congratulations! You have found your way to arguably the best private tracker for ebooks, audiobooks, music materials, radio and much more, on the internet.

For book lovers, we have an amazing selection of both audio and ebooks, ranging from current "blockbuster" releases to those rare gems. Our newer comic/graphic novel and radio sections are growing daily.
If you are a musician, you will find lick libraries, sheet music and instructional media.

There are a lot of trackers out there that have similar content, so what makes MyAnonamouse special?

The simple answer is community. We have created an extremely friendly site that everyone will enjoy visiting. Our members are amiable and welcoming, as is our staff.
We always have at least one game or competition running, and our IRC channel is the perfect place to grab a coffee and have a chat. In short, MyAnonamouse is a friendly, fun place with an amazing library.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this, MyAnonamouse has become a victim of its own success. We have so many fantastic members, that we have had to close our doors to everyone without an invite.
But don't worry, you can still receive an invite. All you need to do is read our Rules section, then come along to our main irc channel and type the secret code of the week caaef8f2, and a member of our invite team will bring you to a private channel, where you will be asked a few questions.
Not exactly the labours of hercules, more the adventures of a mouse. Please see the specific rules for obtaining an invite below:

1. You MUST read the rules thoroughly BEFORE join the interview queue.
2. No VPNs, proxies, mobile IPs, or public wi-fi IPs are permitted in the interview. You must be on your primary home IP for the initial registration.
3. You must have at least a PC/laptop, or seedbox, from which to seed. We do not allow mobile clients.
4. If you have had an account before, no matter how old, please do not request a new one but obtain and follow the instructions by typing !help in our main irc channel.
5. Please have a functional, non-disposable email ready for the invite.

At this time, Invites on irc are only available in two 25 hour long time slots:
Saturday 0800 GMT to Sunday 0900 GMT
Wednesday 0800 GMT to Thursday 0900 GMT

Current time is: [COLOR=#008000 !important]Wed, 13 May 2020 13:22:46 UTC

Invites on IRC are currently: Open

Come chat with us in our main IRC channel here