Heya all,

We have been running behind on donations for quite a while now and havent reached our target for a few months, some months falling far below the posted target.
Please remember that we use your donations to keep the site up and running and pay all the costs of the servers etc...

As an incentive we are running a 3x donation credits from the time of this post till 31st of May 2019.

For every donation you will receive 3x the amount you usually would. You can check the amount you would usually receive on the donation page, multiple everything by 3!

Its super easy to donate and you only need the info 1 time, you can either use:

C***** by clicking on this sentence


You can contact T***** to get the info for the more usual means. Just click on this sentence to go to the donation page and click on the name T***** to send a message requesting info.

As you all know we don't do increased credits very often, so if you were thinking about donating and supporting the site now is the time!