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Welcome to our first Myanonamouse short story collaboration!

We are holding a competition for everyone on site who either enjoys writing, always wanted to try writing something, or who just feels like they have a story to tell!!

What can you win?

1. All submissions that are valid and accepted will receive 2 requests and 5000 bonus points.
2. All books that are chosen for the finished product will receive (on top of the submission prizes) 1 invite, 5 requests, 10000 bonus points and a new an exclusive badge!

How it works:

You can submit your entries at: *****

The voting will be open to all members who are VIP and above. This is not a book being created by experienced authors and isn't expected to be, so the voting will be done on the STORY ALONE, not the formatting or grammar or spelling. So if you have never written a story don't hesitate to try now!

We have set a theme (Created by member *****) that will give you an idea on where to start:

How long will it run?: The competition entries will run from 12/06/2018 00.00 GMT till 12/07/2018 00.00 and voting will be from 12/07/2018 till 28/07/2018.

Theme: My journey through hell

Story: You have just arrived in Hell and are required to enter a door and tell the story of the sin that sent you there. You are not required to use a version of Hell that actually exists, you can make your own rules. You can be from another planet. Another universe. Defy the laws of physics and nature! You can create your own world if you wish! Or you can use the the current religions and change what you want. There is no box created for you to work within, only a starting point. (look below for Compmast's introduction chapter)

Genre: Go crazy! Be it mystery, fantasy, romantic, erotic, comedy etc... is allowed. Create your own genre if you wish!

Entries: All members will be allowed to have 10 entries, so don't hesitate to add more stories if you have more to tell! Members can get more than one entry into the book.

Adult themes: As we don't want to limit any creativity in this collection, all adult themes, erotica and swear words are allowed. When submitting your story there is a check box to tick that states there are adult themes. It MUST be ticked if ANY adult themes or language is in your story. When voting members view the vote page it will be set as off by default and members will be required to mark that they are happy to see adult content in order to see ones that are ticked. We will be creating 2 collections at the end of the competition, 1 for Myam friendly content and one that contains both the adult versions as well as the non adult ones.

What is not allowed: I'm not going to make a list of specific things as we want this to let all your creative juices flow, but use common sense. Pedophilia, stories blatantly attacking other religions etc... will be removed.


Voting will be open to all members and can be found here: **** (voting will go live when its kicked in)

Please all remember that the voting is judged on STORY ONLY. The people entering the contest are not professional writers and please keep this in mind when voting.

Introduction chapter by member *****:

The Infernal Comedy
by Dante MAMighieri

"Hello, Stephen. How are you?"

Steve looked around. The room was immense. Every fixture was gold or platinum; the walls were paneled in exotic woods and filigreed with silver designs; the rugs were as plush as a rapper's auto seat coverings. "Holy shit," he thought to himself, "this looks like Trump Tower."

The man before him sat smiling at a large mahogany desk covered with sparkling doodads. "Don't worry, son. Everyone is a little confused when they first get here."


"Hmmm, let's see..." The man seemed to peer deep into Steve's soul. "Ah yes. For you, this is Hell. Or Heaven."

"And you...are...Satan?" Steve asked in alarm.

"Or God."


"Don't worry. Everything's cool."

"But the flames...the fire and brimstone...the eternal torment? Where are you going to send me? What horrors lie past those gold doors behind you?" Fear gripped Steve like the brutish bearlike arms of a drunken, smelly, obnoxious uncle.

"Oh," Satan chuckled a bit, "it's nothing like that. You're out of the loop now. It's time to tell your story...and listen to a few trillion others before you jump back into the Universe again."

Steve wore his confusion like a big, floppy, plumed, purple pimp hat. "Then, you're not going to torture me for all eternity?" Steve asked asked as if we were surprised he weren't already sizzling like a rasher of cosmic bacon.

"Well..." Satan began "...the silliness of questions like those will become apparent as you tell and listen to countless stories in the myriad rooms of Hell. For now, let's put your mind at rest. There are no such things as Time and Physics and Laws of Nature. Those are all local constructs in local universes. They're the frames that form the tapestries that all living things create. As living things die -- death, by the way, is also a local construct -- they return to Now. Now is a point...not a line. It is, simply, well...Now. No past, no future, no eternity, no waiting, no becoming. Is. All livingness is here; all livingness also manifests in local universes after they have told their life story to others here and have listened to the life stories of trillions upon trillions of other living beings. It takes no "time" to tell or hear a story here since "here" is "now.""

A glimmer of comprehension, like Pam on a frying pan, coated Steve's face. He was starting to get it. "But you! If you're not here to dole out punishment -- or reward -- just what the hell...[he laughed]...are you here for?"

Satan smiled. "Oh me? I'm just here to listen to your story. Who you were; what sent you to Hell -- or Heaven. And then...well, then I send you off to the best Room in Hell to begin telling your story. To the place where those people gather to hear your type of tale; where people will enjoy it most. I'm sort of, I guess. I Dewey-Decimalize your tale and get you started in telling it."

Satan folded his hands and continued, "So let's hear your life. But, to me, briefly. You can tell it day-by-day as you wander from room to room. Telling...listening...enjoying...moving to different audiences."

"But won't I get tired of telling the same story again and again..." Steve asked. But then he suddenly stopped...recognizing the ridiculousness of the question.

Satan smiled. "Ah yes. See, you're catching on already. How can you get tired or bored in Now. It just is. Eventually you'll decide to jump back into a local universe to experience a new story. But a local birth happens as suddenly and unexpectedly as a local death. You just "birth." Now enough silliness. Let me hear the summary of your story and I'll send you to your first Room."

So Steve told his story.

Satan sat back, contemplating as thoughtfully as Julia Childs looking upon a brand new spice rack. "OK I have it! Let's start you off in the Room with Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Arnold Schoenberg, Jeffery Dahmer and a few billion other like-minded people who would enjoy your tale."

With that, he waved a hand, a gold elevator door opened, and Steve eagerly stepped into it. "Enjoy yourself Mr Jobs."

Then he turned to face the next Story who walked into his office.