Hi everyone! We're letting you know, that as of September 1st, we are going to be removing the option on preferences about HTTP vs HTTPS for browsing the site, making it full time https (default for new users at this point). We will also be setting a header, to have your browser auto enforce this. We won't be removing any tracker options however.

We are doing this at this time, as we feel we have gotten the server in a state ready to handle it, and we feel it's time for security's sake.

If you are one of the many thousand users who do not use https all the time at this point, you can get a jump by switching to HTTPS for browsing now. For the few set to HTTP only, we recommend you at the least switch to sometimes using HTTPS, so you can find if you have a problem, and fix it before then.

For those who wonder: HTTPS refers to browsing a website over an encrypted connection