MusicVids will re-enable accounts pruned for inactivity till February 2016.

Home... how sweet this sounds for us. For thousands of us. But it's a long way from home... to MusicVids, for our lost members. And now, we'll keep our doors open for those who lost their Home, our ex-members, from this moment, till February, 2016.

So, how does this work? If you were disabled by the system due to inactivity - you need to come to our IRC support channel - #music-vid on P2P-Network - and just ask to be re-enabled. And, if your account is fine, you're not an invite/account trader/seller or a ratio cheater - we'll gladly re-enable you. Everyone deserves a second chance! Those who are not familiar with IRC clients can reach our support channel via Mibbit.

Keep in mind, we all are busy and we cannot be online 24/7. Once joined, please use your site username, state your issue/request and wait for Staff's reply. We strongly recommend reading the channel topic before asking questions.