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Thread: MTV news - Server Upgrades / Holidays Interviews / Adopt a TV Show

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    MTV news - Server Upgrades / Holidays Interviews / Adopt a TV Show

    First of all, MTV staff would like to wish you all a happy new year! The holidays have passed and we are all back to business: whether it is school, university, or work. Welcome back to all of you and we hope you all have enjoyed this merry week. But we at MTV haven't gone anywhere, happily staffing this amazing community. And thus these holidays have accompanied two major events for us.

    We want to let you know that we finished our migration and upgrades. We used one of our daily backups so everything is already where it's supposed to be. In case you guys notice something different, or any bug, please let us know via staff pm.

    With this occasion we would like to thank from the bottom of our heart those who answered our call for donations and helped us make this possible. Our bills have increased drastically but we are personally satisfied with how things worked out and we are now more than ever confident with the robust security of the tracker and your security because this matters the most for us.

    The second major event was conducting the Holiday Interviews. These have brought us a bit over 800 new members that we are very happy to welcome amongst us. We hope that you guys already feel at home the same way we do. A lot of you have already started working for the betterment of our site and community and you have our highest gratitude for this. Our holiday tradition will hopefully continue on next year's December, with the expectation of gaining as helpful new members as you guys turned out to be. Until then, we welcome you from all our hearts.

    On a final note, there is an idea that we have come up with and that we want to tell you all about, the idea of adopting a TV show.

    To Adopt a TV Show is exactly what it says: you choose a series, and you seed it adopt it. That's it! And then you get some Perks for that adoption. The more series you take care of, the better the perks get. This is the deal we want to make with you. Adopting a TV show lets you take care of it, help it both grow healthy and stay alive, and lets others always find those gems that you found and adopted.

    Of course we only have a couple of rules that are explained in this thread, where we explore in depth what you get for adopting a show, when you get it and exactly how you get it. We invite you all to go there and choose a series to take in your care! Any feedback is also welcome (:

    This is a way to let everyone else enjoy the shows you love no matter how rare or old they get, help our community grow, and give back to the p2p community as a whole!

    Once again, we hope you all had the best of holidays, and wish you a Happy New Year!
    - MTV Staff

    To discuss this news, you can go to this blog post. See you there!
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    Thanks for the info.

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