Posting of fake videos, images, and news on the internet is not a huge thing today. This has just created a bulk of debris in the world of internet. Lots of websites and social networking are noticed that post fake news and post more than earlier. With this bulk of data, it has become difficult to distinguish between the real and the fake news.

Mozilla took an initiation to keep away the internet from the unwanted and fake news. It has developed Mozilla Information Trust Initiative. According to the company, their main aim is to fight against the excess and contaminated data along with the counterfeit news. Only after eradication of such fake news, the Internet will become trustworthy.

Mozilla will adopt various ways to stop this. The first stage will be to solve the problem of online information misrepresentation. The second stage involves cultivating educational values about the delinquent that might be raised after posting fake news and simultaneously providing a training to snort off dishonesties that take place on the internet.

Mozilla is making users comfortable to access this service by bringing these capabilities through a variety of applications like the Coral project, Firefox Focus, and the Pocket. Ask and Talk are two of the Coral mobile apps that allow users to focus on a civil discourse with respect to the described news.

Handling fake news is not an easy task but Mozilla has accepted the challenge to fight against it. Mozilla is actively participating in the matter of fraud news post on the Internet and hence will definitely come up with the solution as early as possible.

It is using many sightseeing tools that will help users to have faith on the information shared on the internet is true, Justin O’Kelly, a spokesperson from Mozilla stated. Mozilla is also trying to concentrate on other issues such as security, confidentiality, and user belief along with building a strong internet.