Dear MTV users,

Availability and usage of software interacting with trackers and indexers, like Jackett or Sonarr, is still increasing. Sadly this is accompanied by an equally increasing amount of open instances we either found ourselves or got reports of (thanks!).

With most of the tools making all the usernames and passwords accessible from the web interface, we don't have to tell you what potential damage this may cause.

Make sure that the software you are using is either not accessible from outside your LAN or password protected.
We also encourage you to actually test this. If you have the skills to setup Sonarr or Jackett, you should have the skills to secure it (this includes any one-click installs your seedbox may provide).

In view of the occasion we would like to remind you about our Account security PSA from 2020:
Do not share your account. This includes login details, torrents, passkeys, RSS feeds and so on.
Please use strong and unique passwords for MTV and all the services you care about (Common password guidelines). We recommend using a password manager like LastPass, Bitwarden, or KeePass (List of password managers).
Preferably do not use your regular, personal email. Keep your email at MTV up to date. Keep the email account secured.
If you are using a torrent client with a web interface, or tools such as SickRage, Sonarr or Jackett, make sure these are not accessible by other people.
Stick to the known seedbox and VPN providers with a reasonable reputation.
Account related support is only provided on-site and in our IRC help channel #mtv-help, please refrain from discussing account related details in any other place.
MTV staff is only represented by staff on-site, staff members in our own IRC network and by our official Reddit account /u/MoreThanOfficial.

In the end - you are responsible for your account. If your account gets lost and it becomes apparent that it was due to weak account security, chances are that you will forfeit your account.

-MTV Staff