#News 13 / VPN's / Área Portuguesa

Dear friends,
Here at Morethan.tv we have always believed that every user has a right to privacy and we really still do that believe it. But as of late we have had a lot more people testing our belief.

Some users are not connectable which, to put short, is not good for anyone. Because when you are not connectable, you don't seed anything! And other users can't download from you! Please when you read this message, follow the steps bellow to check if you are connectable.

1) While connected to your VPN, which you are using for seeding on Morethan.tv, go to http://whatismyip.org/. Then write down the IP address as showen on this page.

2) The go to http://en.dnstools.ch/port-scan.html and enter your ip address, followed by "ortnumber" which you are using (you can see it in your torrent client). For example
If you are connectable, the test results will show "Port XYZ is open". Otherwise, if the test failed it will show "Port XYZ is closed" instead.

If you have passed the test you are connectable.

3) If the test failed, meaning you are NOT connectable and you are not seeding anything. Users can't download anything from you. What should you do? Well you will need to get in touch with your VPN provider and ask which ports are open for use with Bittorrent and configure your client properly.
Once step 3 has been completed, do step 1 & 2 again!

Also, one last thing we need to remind you that using a VPN provider that is not in our provider whitelist could result in being banned.

VPN provider whitelist: Hidemyass (premium not free), Freedome, CyberGhost, Private Internet Access(PIA), airVPN, Mullvad, BlackVPN, Astrill, NordVPN, OVPN.se, and LiquidVPN

For more information please visit


Portuguese readers only :

Nós percebemos que existe uma grande quantidade de falantes da língua portuguesa (principalmente do Brasil) por aqui. Assim, decidimos criar uma área para vocês.
Sabemos que muitos entraram ou no natal do ano passado, com as entrevistas, ou por convites de outros usuários. Estamos orgulhosos em dizer que vocês são um dos usuários mais agradáveis por aqui. -> forums.php?action=viewforum&forumid=67

Atenciosamente, MTV Staff.