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Thread: MoreThan.TV News

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    MoreThan.TV News

    Hello guys,

    Last night we had a staff meeting where we discuss the day-to-day operation and how the development on V3 is going. And we agreed to make a public post so you guys get the can get a status update on what’s going on behind the scenes.

    First off, I want to announce that long time staffer Enigma has stepped down. Enigma has helped this tracker for a long time and has laid a lot of the groundwork for what the tracker is today. And on the behalf of all the MTV staff I wish him all the best and good luck in the future.

    How is the development going?
    Development has not started yet since our lead developer is occupied with something called he called "real life", I have never heard about it before so I cannot explain anyone what that is.
    The other developers are currently not doing anything since our lead developer needs to complete the core of the backend before the others can start their work.

    It is unclear on how long the development of V3 will take since these things take time, and it depends on how much time each developer can donate to the site. Because of this, we decided that we will implement the following changes to our current platform before we start on V3. When this is done we hopefully have the tools we need to help ourselves solve the problems we have with retention, missing info on torrents and lack of staff tools.

    • Implement the "Amsterdamn formula" seed point system.

    • A little overhaul of the "market", where we want to add new things like buying invites for seed point, custom user titles and some other things.

    • Implement auto-completion script that adds poster, actors and synopsis when you upload torrents, we already have this script but it needs to be rewritten before it is implemented into the production environment.

    • Activate a script that fills in missing information on already uploaded torrents. We already have this, but it is deactivated because it sometimes fills in the wrong info on torrents.

    • The last one regular users will not notice but to the delight of the staffers, we are also implementing batch editing and deletion of torrents. This will make the staffers life much easier.

    We also have to vote on what to do with the current accumulated seed points. Since many users have generated a huge cache and if we want to sell e.g. invites in the market some users can buy 100 invites right of the bat. Staff agreed that deducting 90% of everyone seed points might fix the problem, but this might be unfair so we will have to discuss and vote on it.
    After we have implemented these changes, we are pushing all our resources into the development of V3 and only critical bugs will be dealt with.

    I hope all of you have had a nice summer, and are ready for a relaxing fall with a lot of good shows and movies.

    //Best regards, MTV Staff

    Discuss it here.
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