Dear friends,

At this moment while we are working on v1 of the site, we will go and sort also the promotion system and bonus points calculations.
I will start this post first, with the promotion system.
Our community has put their opinion here, we have chosen all of them and put them into a spreadsheet, for easy reading.
Now, what we are asking from you, is to vote on what promotion system, you want for the site, and of course, the one that will be implemented.
Though, don't rush to vote on the easier system, nothing fun in that
The poll will last just one week, after this, we will start again, with a community discussion about the seedpoints formula and how the seedpoints will be awarded to everyone.
So, dear community, we have some work to do together, because after that we will need to create an achievement system, badges and so on.

You can vote for the Promotion System here or on index page.

Hope you had a nice start of the week!