Site updates:

1. Added a comment section on the page (currently only available for mods)

2. Modified the BBCode to limit the overall width to 900px when there are more than 2 images in the same group so that each image is evenly distributed.

3. Fixed the display bug of TV torrents on the Group page (Tag is not centered, and special episodes are not displayed). Divided the original Complete Pack into multi-season collections and special chapters, which are classified and displayed according to the Season Title.

4. Fixed the wrong position of the paging bar.

5. Added magic (a.k.a bonus points) to the seed details page.
Available functions include FreeLeech, double upload, RSS feeds. Please check the price in the button bar of the torrent details page.

6. Revised the resource ranking area on the home page.

7. The pending area is open for viewing to the general user group, and is located on the left side of the inbox in the upper right corner.

8. The Quick Search Box in the upper left corner merges movies and episodes for unified downloading.

9. Replaced the footer picture.

10. Fixed the movie director showing incorrectly.

11. Added a blank value option on the upload page.

*Chinese tracker. With the help of Google Translate, I tried to put something as accurate as possible."