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IPv6 and port forwarding?

Hello dear MaDs community,

there are hopes for those of you who are plagued with IPv6 and can not set up IPv4 port forwarding for their client.
In contrast to cable Germany earlier, there is at least now Vodafone the possibility IPv4 to "book". This will be charged with 0 € Euro. This is confirmed in a case where someone had to set up IPv4 port forwarding for work reasons. Whether for private reasons this free booking is possible remains to hope and also that Vodafone does not completely stand against private reasons to your precious IPv4 does not have to give out for free.
Also gamer, u.a. XBOX, may not be around setting up port forwarding. One can always argue that one has requested a full Internet connection and at the conclusion of a contract no restrictions were communicated. After all, IPv4 is still the dominant standard. Maybe you have a good reason, such as work-related or study-related, to book this, then it certainly does not hurt to mention it directly. Who has the problem with other providers, should not hesitate to contact their support and to demand a change. As I said, a restriction is likely to be legally difficult to enforce by the operator, if at the conclusion of this contract has not been explicitly mentioned. At Vodafone, the changeover can take between 10 minutes and 24 hours after booking.

Who belongs to the lucky ones, with which the posting of IPv4 runs smoothly, may finally be glad again to be able to make connections to other clients easily, which is clearly reflected in the download and upload rate. Especially when uploading it is very helpful to keep synonymous his ratio.

In this sense, much success in contacting the respective support.
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