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Dear friends and members of this Site, we need help.
As you know, our community provides content totally FREE, surviving ONLY of donations to maintain server costs and maintenance. However, in recent months, the amounts collected are not even half the amount we need monthly to pay off these debts, in which the Administrators have been putting money out of their own pocket to keep. However, there comes a time when unfortunately you can no longer handle expenses and so WE NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION. It does not have to be much, if some help every month, it will be enough and we will rest assured about the future of our dear Site.

You can make a donation and help keep the server


We count on you. Thank you.

Sharing is the uploader's pleasure.

To thank and comment is a matter of education.

Seeding is up to your conscience.

Have you ever thought if everyone just downloaded,
where would you download the files from?
Have you ever wanted to download something that had no seed?
Do not let this happen, keep seeding!
What the torrents do are the seeders so think about it!

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Any questions please visit
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