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Do you know how special this day is (08/08/2012)? Oh, the fact that today LinkoMania is 15 years old !!! These years have been embodied in something magical, special, providing joy and happiness. However, it does not survive without the struggles that have become our victories. We have never abandoned, fought for our lives. We will not be in the same position either now or in the future and we expect to live for at least 15 years!

We want to remind you that LinkoManija is not just its staff. The huge and most important part of it is you all!

We say great THANK YOU that you are not leaving or giving up. And keep in mind that sharing is caring. So, for 15 days, we release pockets - download 0x, upload 2x from 2018 August 8 to 2018 August 22 23:59 hrs!

And to make this holiday even more fun - we publish even two contests: "The Tale of LinkoMania" and "Food for LinkoMania!"
The Tale of LinkoMania contest:

Create and write a story about LinkoMania and place it in this thread (click here).

Tender rules:
* Minimal fairy tale volume: 150 words.
* Maximum fairy tale volume: 1500 words.
* If you want, you can also write a fairy tale in your mother tongue, for example, Samogitian.
* Tales in a forum for her.
* In the story there can not be swear words, non-cursory words, insults, i.e. must comply with all forum rules.
* You can submit only one fairy tale.
* Terms and conditions of the tender may change. Be more discreet!

Fairy tales that do not comply with the rules will not participate in the competition.

We are waiting for your fairy tales!

Contest "Food for LinkoMania":

Tender rules:
1. Prepare / make food or drink yourself (fantasy is not beyond limits!).
2. On your dish / drink, you must see / be a Linkomaniac symbol (logo, name, etc.). The possibility of this symbolism also made of food!
3. The photo must also have a leaflet containing the user's nickname and date.
4. Take a dish / drink and upload to this topic (click here).

Competitions Duration: 08/08/2012 to 22/08/2012 (15 days).
Winners will be selected by the LM team at their discretion. The winners will be announced at the end of this month.

In both competitions, we will select three winners who will win the following prizes:
* 1st place: VIP 4life + 5 invitations.
* 2nd place: 3 TB upload + 5 invitations.
* 3rd place: 1.5 TB upload + 5 invitations.

Take part and win!

Welcome to each other's birthday party in the forum

With love, LM team