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Change of Hit & Run


Modification in Hit & Run ......

We pass the rule from 12h to 36h of compulsory sharing
,,,, you still have 5 days to do so.

If sharing is not done, you will receive a H&R with
the option to buy it back (it will be immediately removed from your profile)

If you decide not to buy it back, it stays in your profile.
At the 3rd H&R, your right to download will be removed.
You will have 2 other options to settle everything:
- Complete the sharing of faulty torrents.
- Make a donation which will bring your profile to 0 (Minimum amount of $ 20).

* You have the option to buy your H&R with your gold coins *

** Prospectors are excluded from this measure **
*** VIPs are excluded from this measure for the duration of their subscription ***

The system will start operating on Tuesday May 5, 2020

The staff