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Thread: LeagueHD News

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    LeagueHD News

    Google Translation:

    The server upgrade is completed, 2x Upload & FREELEECH until 23:00 on Sunday evening, a few other things

    1. Lemon feature, FREELEECH after maintenance, this time 2x Upload & FREELEECH until 23:00 on Sunday evening
    2. If there are red or yellow torrents in your client, please change the tracker to
    3. The image bed will be opened to users on the site, so that everyone can upload torrents. The application conditions require users above the Elite User level who have released qualified torrents on the site, and the application post can be made afterwards.
    4. Ways of issuing dolphin invites
    Please upload more than 50 releases in the music section during the event, please go
    here to view the list and apply for the DIC invitation, thank you!

    Rewards for uploading activity, karma points will be issued before 24:00 on Sunday evening.

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