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Dear users.
The site is moving to a new vps, unfortunately the old one turned out to be small so we had to have a new vps under the site to be able to continue to work stably, due to small vps more and more errors occurred (eg not fully accounting for uploaded data or registration confirmation email sending etc. etc ..) these have now been fixed and it looks like everything is going steadily due to moving 1-2 hours of the page was not available so soon we will compensate you with freeleech or it looks like we will be able to open free registration and the 30,000 limit above highlighted.
Those who have supported us last month and received a heart next to their name will reward users with 20,000 bonus points that will be credited soon and notified to all users in the form of a pm.

For the time being, there may still be curiosities or the page will disappear for 1-2 hours, but we will try to move out permanently without a small job

Please be patient

Regards Staff.