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Temporary Freeleech (TFL) is among us! A TFL torrent works similarly to a featured torrent, but only temporarily (namely: upload is counted and download is not counted). After the time limit expires, a TFL torrent reverts to being a normal, active torrent. It's easy to tell if a torrent is currently TFL: it's advertised in big, purple letters at the head of the Description.

TFL comes in two flavors: 48 hours and 7 days. The former will be applied by staff to approved and reviewed upgrades (which are in English or have English subtitles). Please note: only upgrades uploaded since the introduction of the 48h FL option will be set to FL. The 7 day FL will be applied to films which get custom subtitles.

On the right of the main site, you will see that there is a new section showing all the latest TFLs.

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