Those who visit the forum may be aware that we have implemented a system for image hosting, to be used for screenshots and avatars.

As this system is not based on a commercial server but on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a P2P distributed file system supported by the users, it is designed to be more durable. This solves the recurring problem of dead images in the announces resulting from dead image hosting services.

To use it, click on the second-to-last tab, called "IPFS". We ask uploaders not to exceed 30MB of images per torrent announce. Uploaded images that don't appear in a KG announce or in a user avatar will be regularly pruned.

Members with UNIX/Linux skills, some free server space and available bandwidth are encouraged to join the IPFS swarm. Please let buzz know via PM or in that forum thread when you're opening or (permanently) closing your node, as we need a rough estimate of participating peers.

A reminder: Power Users and above user classes have access to an "Add Screenshots" option at the bottom of each announce. You are encouraged to submit IPFS screenshots to those torrents with dead screenshots.

(For all users.)