Dear all,

we have implemented changes to torrents nomenclature.

The new nomenclature refers to upgraded, legacy, and suspended torrents.

1. Torrent status. Torrents now may have one out of three statuses: active (incl. trumpable), legacy and suspended.

2. upgraded. Similar to the trumpable flag in its functionality, it directs members towards the best quality torrent within a quality category: SD, 720p, etc.

2.1. upgraded refers to torrents in a quality category which have been trumped.

2.2. When a staff member applies upgraded to a torrent, all snatchers are notified via PM of the upgrade.

2.2.1 Members can de-select the notification PM in their profile settings.

3. legacy/suspended: torrent is disabled (no uploading/downloading), the announce is locked (no new comments allowed), torrent does not show under search or browse.

3.1. suspended: set by staff on new uploads with fixable problems that might require changing the .torrent file. The purpose is to avoid deletion and reuploading labour. The suspended torrent is placed in a non-activity stasis until required changes are completed. Staff subsequently return torrent to active.

3.2. legacy: the purpose is to minimize deletion of old torrents and to give an overview of torrent and collection history (e.g. "what was the state of things in 2008?")

A legacy torrent carries the upgraded flag but is not active: we deem such a torrent to be too outdated or low quality to be kept active, given the presence of a high-quality upgrade. Trumped torrents that have more content than its replacement (such as extras) will not get legacy status, they will only be flagged upgraded.

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