Attention fellow KG'ers! That time has come again! It is once again time to pay our server bill. This includes the tracker server and a smaller server for the forums.
Beginning in 2012, we decided to pay our bill by the year rather than by the month, in order to obtain a substantial savings.

Our bill is due by June 1st, and we need a total of 2.762,64 (Per month would cost us over 3,500 per year!)

Please click on the DONATE tab and follow the Paypal link to support your favorite tracker!

The total funding amount collected will update periodically on the homepage.

After making a donation, you can optionally send a message to FlaCityBug with your donation details. Simply provide the date, name or email on the Paypal account, and amount donated, and your member account will be noted as a donator.

PLEASE be patient about receiving a reply! Only one person is handling all the messages. Please do not send any additional messages other than the one providing the aforementioned information, you WILL get a response! .

We thank you for your continued support and enjoyment of KG!!