Initial rules and FAQ published

Greetings, TV kids!
(We still don't have a fun name for users of JPTVclub, but I'm using that one for this post )

Keen observers have likely already noticed that we've just posted the initial version of our Rules and FAQ. Please take a look and familiarize yourself with them. Most of the content aligns with rules and guidelines that experienced tracker users will be familiar with.

The biggest changes are those that come with the upload rules, specifically the torrent naming requirements. This won't affect most users, but it will affect uploaders, and as such we won't begin enforcing the upload rules until Sept. 17 to allow time for adjustments to any in-progress work.

Please understand that our intent isn't to be strict, but simply to have a set of rules to hold abusive users accountable to. Our goal is to create a friendly, open community where JPTV lovers can come together and enjoy their hobby.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below! We're always open to feedback, so feel free to share any that you may have as well.