Dear users,

To help us be able to keep the website more orderly, torrents better discoverable, and information on each torrent more meaningful please consider the following guidelines in adding tags, and filling the upload form, for your torrents and requests:

1. The tags on a torrent apply to the entire group that torrent is in, not to the individual torrent you happen to be uploading at the moment. For example, multiple resolutions of a TV program or multiple formats of an audio album may exist in the same group. Since the tags are shared between all the torrents in a group they should describe what's common between them such as national origin of the work or its performers (examples: 'japanese' or 'chinese' or 'indonesian'), language (examples: 'english' or 'korean'), genre (examples: 'rnb' or 'jazz' or 'enka'), style (examples: 'hardcore.electronic' or 'symphonic.metal'), original medium (examples: 'anime' or 'anison' or 'soundtrack' or 'live').

2. Following up on the point in (1), please do not add tags that describe the technical properties of your upload, such as '4k' or '2160p' or '8k' and so on; particularly, because cleaning up these tags is burdensome and has to be done one by one. The proper place for this otherwise valuable information is the Release Description field on your upload form. This field is specific to each torrent and can differ between the torrents within a group. Information such as video resolution, codecs, audio bit-rate, source, and so on belong in this field.

3. In filling the request form, consider that the tags you enter will be shown on the artist page of the artist whose work you are requesting and whose name you enter into the Artist field. These tags have to be relevant to the artist and to the work. Think of them as the future tags of the torrent which will be uploaded to fill your request. As such, please do not enter tags that repeat the name of your request (examples: 'countdownjapan' or 'themaskedsinger') or the artist's name (examples: 'motohirohata' or '魏如萱') or the format you are requesting (example: 'flac' or 'lossless' or 'hi-res'). Choose tags which would fit the torrent that will fill your request; for example, 'japanese' or 'male.vocalist' or 'chinese' or 'hip.hop' or 'electronic' or 'soundtrack'.

4. Furthermore, when filling the request form take some time to discover whether the artist you have in mind already has a page on JPopSuki. If the page exists, please use the same spelling and stylization as is used on that page. This will ensure your request will be placed on that page and will be immediately viewable by other users browsing that page. It will also avoid creating new artist pages which have only one or two requests on them which are rarely visited by anyone.

Thank you!