We're recruiting moderators

Pst. We're recruiting.

We've decided to expand our team of moderators, and so we'll be interviewing those who are interested to take this position. Before you shout out "Hell yeah! Sign me up!" please read what this job is about and consider it carefully.

99% of moderation is keeping torrents in order - fixing their titles, reassigning them to correct artists and fixing other details. It's a tedious work, and one needs a certain urge to organize to find pleasure in it.

As many of you have noticed, jpopsuki has been in a frozen state for a few years now. There's no technical possibility to make adjustments to the engine. We also have no guarantees that the tracker won't close down at any moment (although the fact that it has survived so far gives a strong hope that it will hold out some more). So this job is NOT about improving jpopsuki and bringing new ideas to life. It's simply maintaining the existing order of things.

There's no pay in it (obviously). You contribute time and effort and get nothing in return.

If, by some miracle, you're still interested, here are the requirements:

You should be a member of jpopsuki for at least half a year. We'd like you to be familiar with the tracker and invested in it.

You need to be able to regularly contribute a considerable amount of time to jpopsuki.

You have to be ready to follow the guidelines and our established agreements even if they don't correspond with your personal preferences. For instance, you can't start renaming all artists into Surname - First Name order or start enforcing strict quality control and 100% log trumping. This doesn't mean our policy is set in stone, but any potential adjustments to the rules go through staff and public discussions, voting, etc, and moderation follows the current rule set.

You must understand that with authority comes responsibility. As a moderator you can't let your personal opinions and impulses affect your interactions with other members. You should be ready to take extra care to not be rude or unjust.

You'll need to communicate with other staff members a lot, especially as you learn the ropes. Thus, English is a must, and you also must be willing to hang out with us in chat applications such as Discord. Communicating only through site PMs/forum is not an option.

It would be a nice bonus if you know Japanese or Korean (or Chinese, or other language relevant to the trackerís content) to some extent. Since torrent titles should be romanized, at least some of the mods should be able to do it.

If you want to apply, please contact A****** or T******* through PM or Discord and tell us why you're interested and what you think you can do for jpopsuki. We'll begin the interviews after we get some candidates.

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