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    InTheShadow (iTS) News

    BIG Changes

    Dear Shadows,

    It is with great pleasure, we're here to tell you about some long coming improvements to your humble home. We would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions thus far, and hope you will join us in our new adventure.

    Starting immediately, we will be narrowing our content focus and going forwards, specialising in the following categories:

    FLAC Audio. We are currently updating and cleaning the collections.
    Collections in SD and HD. We are currently updating and cleaning the collections.

    All xvid torrents will be deleted from the collections as they aren't up to quality standards anymore.

    We will also begin our artist of the week feature, with bonuses on all torrents uploaded for that artist's collection(s). This will be announced with a post weekly, and will alternate between film and music collections to start with. These will be stickied for the week.

    Please do your best to reseed any collection torrents that you'd like to see kept alive. If the descriptions need updating on any of them, please post a minimum of three png screenshots and the relevant media info in the comments, so it can easily be added by staff.

    All collection torrents not seeded will be deleted by the 5th of August.

    Categories, we have discussed this at length and settled on the following:

    Music FLAC only. Movie soundtracks to be added to the same collection(s) as the movie.
    SD x264 minimum. It must fit a collection, or have the aim of being in a future one at the least. Single Episode Documentaries go in here.
    HD x264 minimum. It must fit a collection, or have the aim of being in a future one at the least. Single Episode Documentaries go in here.
    TV x264 minimum. It must fit a collection. Multiple Episode Documentaries go in here.
    Music Video It must fit a collection. DVDR / HD x264 and SD x264 are allowed here.
    Books. It must fit a collection. Uploads outside of the collections need to approved individually.
    Internal For our internal group releases.
    Personal For anything else. Please check before uploading here.

    ANY Collection can be requested by any member of iTS. You can do this in one of two ways.

    For each donation of 20 euros or more, you can choose one of our next collections, which will be tailored to your taste. Your choice will go in here and then you can sit back and watch, while quality material is sourced, encoded and uploaded to fill up the collection. Or you can get off your ass and join in the fun. Each collection will need to be approved and having one accepted comes with some responsibility. Please take care of, seed and add to the collections wherever possible.

    Please keep in mind when you do request a collection, anything too vague e.g. 'Comedy' is too wide a scope to focus on. Narrow it down to something more specific, Actor e.g. 'Jim Carey' would be a better bet.

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