What Is It?
A mixtape exchange involving you and other #ITers.

How Does It Work?
You make a mixtape for a random other Indietorrents member somewhere else in the world. A different random member makes you a mixtape.

Awesome! How Do I Join?
Read the rules below, then send an e-mail with the required information.

Official 2019 Indietorrents Secret Santa Rules
To participate in the exchange, you must agree to the following rules:

1) First and foremost, this exchange is all about the giving. Getting is fun too, but be prepared for the possibility that the person who is sending you a mix may disappoint you. Most people do a good job, but there are always going to be a handful of unfortunate situations that come up.
If you sign up for this exchange, treat it as a responsibility and make it a priority. Those who sign-up but don't send mixes will face the possibility of account privileges being suspended as a result.

2) You have until December 16th to sign up.
If you have second thoughts after signing up, you also have until that deadline to pull out.
You will receive your target shortly after signups close.
Your mixtape should be in your target's hands by mid-January.

3) When it comes to sending, the expectation is that your target receives something in the mail from you. Even if you're only sending a digital mixtape, you must send some piece of physical mail (card with the download link, small gift, flash drive with the mix on it). This ensures that even those who elect to send/receive digital-only still have something fun to open. If you are sending a physical CD or tape, there is no expectation to include anything else. There is no problem, of course, with going above and beyond - sending two, three, or even more mixes. And you will make it truly special if you are able to personalize the mix somehow or include other fun gifts, letters, etc.
ALL participants must provide proof of shipment. Photos, tracking numbers, etc. can all be sent to the email mentioned.

4) This is an international exchange. Anyone from any country is welcome to join. Understand that you very well may be given a target from a foreign country, so be prepared to splurge for international shipping.

Alternatively, you have the option to limit your participation to your country only. Depending on who else signs up, this may not be possible and you will be contacted to see if you still want to participate. I strongly encourage you to not limit yourself as shipping a gift to someone in another country can be a very rewarding experience. The distinctly international flavor of the exchange is one of its best aspects, and you miss out on that if you limit your options.

5) This is intended to be an enriching experience - not a stressful one. So the most important rule is: HAVE FUN!

E-mail with the below information to join ONLY if you agree with the above rules.
Street Address:
Postal Code:

Formats I can ship: [ ] CD [ ] Tape [ ] Digital Only (I will still ship something.)
Formats I will accept: [ ] CD [ ] Tape [ ] Digital Only

Shipping: [ ] Tick This Box If You Wish To Only Ship Within Your Country

Comments/Special Instructions:


I want this event to focus on the fun so please refrain from bringing up any complaints in this thread. Message me with any such issues, instead. I'm happy to address each and every concern you have.

Here's to closing out this year with some holiday cheer!

Please discuss here. You can even taunt your target!
Also, once you receive a mix, please don't forget to comment here and thank your Santa.
Once your target has received their mix, please consider eventually posting a link so the rest of us can enjoy the mix, too!