Donation Drive

Unfortunately, it's that time again. Thanks to your support we're still here after about 14 years and we'd love to stick around a while longer.

At this point in time, our costs are paid for and covered for the next month or two. We are also looking into switching to a more affordable host in the near future.

Any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated and help keep #IT alive. Do NOT use the donation link found on our site. In order to donate, you need to manually send a gift/payment to via paypal as friends and family.

In order to receive that pretty heart next to your name, if you don't have one already from previous donations, you need to make sure you include your username as a note on the donation. It'll take us a few days at a time to cross-check everything, but if you don't see one next to your name within 48 hours or so after donation, send a staff pm and we'll get you taken care of!