Hello everyone,
I wanted to share an important development with you guys regarding the future of nostream.
Following the recent events that led to the loss of What.CD that most of us are still trying to come to terms with, it is only prudent that we try to learn from their troubles and triumphs, successes & mistakes which have ultimately brought us all together at this very moment in time, as we embark on a journey to create something that will hopefully serve as a foundation in our endeavor to rebuild that, which was lost.
With the development work going at a decent pace, and with our members already busy rebuilding the lost WCD archives at an even faster pace, we have decided to fast-track the execution of certain crucial plans, that we were looking to eventually implement sometime down the line, once we got closer to formally launching this website, which is still in its infancy.
While we are unable to share the specific details at this stage, owing to security concerns, these plans broadly relate to spreading out our infrastructure to locations that are geo-politically suited for this endeavor.
Once we have successfully moved to the new servers, we shall be opening invites so that members of What.CD are able to rejoin the community, and collectively work towards uploading quality content and gradually rebuilding the library that once had close to a million unique releases.
Until then, people who have already joined us, are more than welcome to begin uploading content that they already have access to, or contributing by way of writing articles to re-populate the wiki which shall reflect the shared knowledge-base of our community.
Thank you