Happy Holidays!

Upcoming Features Forced SSL: Beginning at the start of the new year, we will no longer allow access to the site via plain text html. This update should enhance security for all users.

We hope to have a few more exciting announcements coming up in the very near future.

Holiday Fun!

As is the tradition around here, we go crazy for the holidays. Here are just a few of the festivities coming up:

Holiday themed movie bonus: All holiday themed movies uploaded this month will receive a X2 bonus!

Holiday themed iS Radio/Shoutbox quiz: Friday, December 20th at 7PM EST we will hold a holiday themed quiz show! There will be lots of awesome prizes to be had!

Scavenger Hunt: Yes, this time for real. Events outside our control prevented us from completing the previous scavenger hunt on time. This time nothing will stand in our way!

Donation Specials:

  • All free leech options will have an added upload bonus
  • All Upload options and the Ratio booster will see their bonuses doubled
  • The Super Donation Special will be reduced to $50!

We wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season!