Here is to ten years!

One whole decade. A tenth of a century. Three thousand six hundred fifty two days. No matter how you slice it, itís epic! And, we made it this far because of awesome members like you.

Of course we can't let a decade of awesomeness go by without throwing one heck of a party. Here are a few things we have lined up:

Open Doors

It has been a long tradition here to open the doors for some time during our birthday celebration. This year we will open the doors for a short time, beginning June 30th. Itís also a chance a great chance to earn that Best Welcome Sign Waver medal you might be missing.

Free Leech

As a special thanks to all of the members that make iS what it is, there will be sitewide free leech from July 1st to July 7th.

10th Anniversary Immortal Picks

Each week we will have a TV season pack from 2009, as well as a daily movie from 2009, highlighted on the schedule, free to download, and chosen by you! For more information, or to make your pick, go here

Scavenger Hunt

Keep a look out for a scavenger hunt posted in the forums. The whole site will work together to solve it. Complete the hunt, and the entire site will get x2 upload at the end of the month! There will also be prizes for participation, so make sure to get involved!

Weekly Lottery

Each week in July there will be a lottery to earn a handsome sum of upload credit. Further details here: Good luck!

IS Radio/Shoutbox Quiz Show

Keep an eye out for the official date and time for an Immortalseed-themed Quiz show. Lots of great prizes and fun to be had!

Donation Specials

Of course we could not have kept the lights on all these years without the generosity of those members who donate. If it weren't for them we would not be here. A humble and heartfelt thanks goes out from staff to all those that have donated.

As mentioned, donations keep the lights on, but they also help fund future upgrades to ensure iS is running at peak performance. So if you have a few spare coins, please consider throwing them into the pot. The hamsters running on the wheel would appreciate it.

To that end we are putting all donation options on some sort of special:

All Freeleech, Upload, and Ratio boost options will have their bonuses doubled! The Special VIP option will have all sorts of extra goodies thrown at it! The Lifetime VIP will be reduced by $100!

Note: Bonuses are reflected in the current donation descriptions.

VIP Giveaway

Get a chance to win 6 months VIP time for every $5 you donate this month. The drawing will be held on August 1st (cut off will be dictated by site time). Good luck!

Thanks everyone for making these 10 years something special. And here is to 10 more!!