VPNs and more...

Hey Immortalseeders, We've made some major changes to the rule about VPNs.

The new rule is as follows and can also be found here.

"Private VPNs with a dedicated IP are now permitted. Please keep in mind, when your IP changes you will have to log in to the site again, so if you get an error message while using a VPN that is probably why. If you wish to use a VPN, please go to your User CP settings and enter the IP in the Setup VPN section. Please do not use a public proxy/VPN as this could result in problems with your account.

" We've also made some changes to the upload rules. If you are interested in uploading please make sure to check them out before you start. Most notable is that anyone can now upload 1080p's at any time, even shows that are on the schedule. If you want to share something and are unsure if it's allowed, just ask a staff member in the shoutbox, or through a staff message.

Stay tuned for an announcement on plans for our 10th anniversary coming up next month!!!!