June 2023 Newsletter

This is the exact moment the site went live

"2023-03-20 20:18:29"

Here we are now, nearly 3 months on. So below, we have just couple of thanks and announcements to celebrate where we are now, the hard work which has gone on and a glimpse ahead .......


First and foremost, is the 4,000 uploads that was passed. A massive thanks to all. We are still allowing older uploads, so we can build our Library. So please, keep them coming.

Behind the scenes

This is undoubtedly the most unappreciated area, when running a site. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to the Dev team.

So just a few things, to mention:


We've made several notable fixes, including resolving IRC issues with our "anon" bot for private channels. Many reported profile bugs have also been addressed, and we resolved a major concern with bonus points not functioning correctly.


We've added a variety of categories while removing the default music categories that came with our Gazelle version. The new categories include applications, games, iOS applications, iOS games, graphics, audio, tutorials, and others.
We've introduced YouTube BBCode for added fun
We now utilize href.li for more secure link sharing.
We've implemented a provisional automatic freeleech feature for torrents larger than 4 GB.
The request page has been improved
We've added a "request a version" feature to torrent pages.
You can now purchase upload with bonus points and send bonus points to others.
You can show your appreciation for forum posts by upvoting them with a simple click on the little heart icon.
We've made various optimizations to enhance website speed and performance.
We've added a bunch of new themes available in your user settings. More can be found in our Sandbox forums.

Rule adjustments

We are taking on board suggestions and discussing each topic individually. Our first rule review has reached its conclusion and is listed here.

→ Rule adjustment: 29/05/2023

Just a reminder, our Seedbox competition ends soon:

Seedbox Competition May 2023

If you have not entered, go and choose a number, you never know....

Please note
Uploading files with references to external sites, is strictly forbidden. Please ensure you check your uploads first.

There's so much more to share but we wanted to highlight the most important updates in this post. We'll continue to keep you informed through our regular monthly newsletter, so keep an eye out for these. So thank you to everyone, for getting iAnon up and running, this is your home and community