Celebrating 4,000 torrents uploaded!

A milestone for our thriving community!

In just over two months since its inception(exactly 2 months and one day), our brand new tracker has achieved an incredible feat, reaching 4k torrents uploaded! This milestone is a testament to the vibrant and passionate community that has embraced our platform. We are thrilled to celebrate this achievement and extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors and users who have made it possible.

Our website was born out of a shared love for Apple apps, games, etc. and a desire to create a platform that allows enthusiasts to connect and share. Since our humble beginnings, the response from the community has been overwhelming, with a remarkable 4k torrents uploaded in just over two months - a clear sign that our platform is filling a much-needed void.

Behind every successful milestone lies a dedicated community, and ours is no exception. We owe our achievement to the vibrant community of contributors and users who have made our website their digital home.

wozniak and the top uploaders

This achievement would not have been possible without the outstanding contributions of our community members, particularly wozniak, who has emerged as the top uploader with an impressive 1,000 uploads. We would also like to recognize dry201, with nearly 500 uploads, Camillo, with 273 uploads, and AkrotheismDisharmonY, with 119 uploads, for their valuable contributions to our growing collection.

We are delighted to recognize the exceptional contributions of wozniak who's played an instrumental role in our journey to 4k torrents. It is through his relentless dedication and commitment to sharing that we have been able to achieve this remarkable milestone.

Our dedicated staff and community support

In addition to our dedicated community members, we have an amazing staff that plays a vital role in maintaining the high quality of the torrents shared on our platform. Led by our exceptional admin dry201, our team focuses on ensuring that the uploaded torrents meet our guidelines and standards. With a keen eye for quality, dry201 diligently edits torrents and deletes any that do not fit our guidelines. I must admit that even my uploads have faced dry201's discerning judgment, but it only goes to show the unwavering commitment to maintaining excellence on our platform.

While dry201 leads the charge, we are immensely grateful to the entire staff for their dedication. wozniak, not only an outstanding uploader but also an invaluable member of our staff, goes above and beyond in assisting other members and contributing immensely to our platform. Together, our staff and community create an environment where technical support is readily available, fostering a culture of collaboration and camaraderie from day one. We owe our success not only to the torrents but to the wonderful members who make our new community an enjoyable place to be.

Here's to the continued growth and success of our vibrant community!