The first 3 torrents successfully uploaded here by any member will be made Free Leech and stickyed on the first Browse page for a period of 72 hours (3 days) based on the time of upload, the Moderator's first contact time, or the final approval time.

We know that the first torrents can be difficult, and we urge you to stay on site upon uploading to make sure that your torrent passes the Moderator's approval. If you need to work with the Moderator before it can be passed, your being here for the Mod will make sure your torrent gets the most Free time.

We also urge you to not upload your second torrent until your first one has been approved and has gone past the 3 day free period.

Why? To get the most benefit of the 3 day free status, only have one of your uploads going at any one time. It is difficult for many of our members to download several torrents during a limited free period and by concentrating on one one torrent you have the best chance of getting more leechers so that when the free "new upload" period is over, your torrent will pass into the "5-seeders-and-it's-free" category.

Our Moderators want to see every torrent uploaded here passed. They will PM you if there are omissions or problems, with a desire to help you achieve this goal. But ignoring the Moderator, failing to adhere to the Moderator's request or instruction, or removing any Moderator's comments or instructions in the name or description of the torrent can result in deletion of the torrent.

A note to those of you who have uploaded torrents elsewhere: Yes, all sites seem to have different upload rules!

This supercedes our original 1st Torrent Free thread.