Announcement Ikunori

1, pressing Group Calls:
Whether you have no experience of repression, as long as you are willing to share pressing (without pressing any experience members can sign up, but you need to pre-basic self-knowledge and understanding of the general process of repression, provided HyPad Teaching, specific suppression technology we will see you have perseverance to adhere to and then teach the relevant content). We do not need parallel and soy sauce staff, repressors probation period of 1 month, later if less than required, we will, as appropriate, downgrade or retire.
(1), the hardware requirements: CPU for the desktop level i5 and above or mobile i7, uploaded at 4Mbps (450KB / S) above, there is sufficient time to suppress, it is best to hold on to suppress technology research and exploration of the mentality .
(2), the monthly task requirements: release at least 4 a month to suppress resources.

2, an inspector
(1), understand BBCode code, images, external links.
(2), a strong sense of responsibility, refused to play soy sauce.
(3), familiar with watercress, time net film and television drama information website.
(4), each station more than 20 kinds of hair.

3, on the transfer ban PureTV Team Resources Description
(1), appears part of BT / Resources Forum misappropriation site PureTV group resource for the near future, and a BT Group to modify the suffix PureTV resources for their own group, the use of such resources wantonly defraud various forums gold (required soft sister currency recharge), by the internal PureTV group discussions for several days, the final decision, PureTV team resources prohibited reproduced , while increasing the H & R. As of December 5, 2016, any member reprinting PureTV resources will be treated as a direct title. PureTV group since the establishment of the service is not for any business behavior, only to love the TV drama resources to provide appreciation of the file, although the late part of the WEB version of the film music, but we do not change the mind at the same time to protect themselves, To provide more appreciation of the file, I hope Members can understand.
(2), with PureTV group Recruitment announcement: as long as you have the most simple WEB-DL technology can now open part of the tutorial to the new learning group. Refused to heat for three minutes, refused to soy sauce, declined to hand the party, the focus on technology exchange.
(3) group number: 249.90684 million

4, The REMUX Group Calls for:
(1) on the site there is love, can continue contributing member
(2), upload network speed 500k / s or more
(3), there are 500g or more hard disk space, i5 cpu requires more
(1) works that enjoy top two
(2), there is no magic and assessment invite reward month
(3), to enjoy the benefits of the working group
PS welcome from 0 to start learning, internship month, soy sauce Do not interfere! . .
Ready shoes Welcome to the official Hyperay destructive group: 534 654 013
I have a story, you have wine?

5, more recruitment announcement may reply to this post

. 6, the Working Group rewards
fact it I just soy sauce, I do not know what what. Working Group monthly invitation to enjoy the friends without assessment, according to the established rules of reward each month the corresponding magic, as the material reward ah does not seem to really have a friend joked that the end of the year to send his girlfriend, do not leak on the line, ah, you can consider.