We are looking for helpers and fillers!
Dear Microbites

We are looking for helpers.

If you feel compelled to do it yourself or want to try it yourself as a helper then your HD is the place to be.

- All downloads are free for you
- Raise the number of slots


If you have time and you are serious about it, we are waiting for your application.
- active participation on the site (mostly on the message board)
- you are not required to be 24 hours a day but if you spend more time on the site (active) to spend the good
- Skype access is important !!
- Warning-free story
- 16th
- on other site. Higher rank
- min 2 weeks registration

The help desk is responsible for:
- on the message board, HD menu, forum, help
- In the case of incorrect torrents, give assistance to the uploader eg to the seedbe position
- answering questions in pm.

Candidates need to complete a test. After finishing the exam, who will receive a notification you will receive pm!

Issuing a test to other users or uploading to another site will invalidate your application and will result in further penalties!

You can apply in the menu below. SUBSCRIBE TO HELP, HERE!

Please do this as follows.


Hi, A Staff