First of all, we would like to close some rumors that are abounding around

All of our passwords are leaked because they were in plain text
Wrong; All passwords on HoundDawgs were encrypted in SHA and therefore no one has them.

The entire database has been downloaded and shared around
Wrong; Some SQL lnjections were made due to an uncertainty, but the entire database is by no means downloaded.

HoundDawgs is hacked
Right Wrong; Unfortunately, a hole was found that claimed some idiots could do a little bother but hacked?
-However not.

Anonymous has hacked HoundDawgs
Wrong; We have spent the last days gathering evidence and knowing very well who made the ballad, and this knowledge has been passed on to the aforementioned group, which does not seem to misuse their names (I know who I would like to look at now)

We started HoundDawgs for now 5 years ago to make a refuge from tyranny, which was found in great style on the Danish trackers. We managed to build a community from the bottom and get a side where there was room for everyone and we all enjoyed ourselves.

However, this was not the case with the tracker who will definitely be the strongest and not share with anyone. The last long time they have done everything to stop the enjoyment we had here. We have fought against beak and chlorine for 5 years, but unfortunately we have reached a point where neither of us can do it anymore.

Therefore, it is with vodod that we must say that HoundDawg's experience is closed and will not come again.
However, we do not want to let our users and all our amazing groups in the sting and have therefore gotten everyone home at

There is an open signup on wwwiNFiNiTY Square, and we hope everyone will come in there and enjoy the laughs as we presented here (I can click on this image directly)

iNFiNiTY is a new little tracker that has very talented people behind it, and I'm all welcome over there. Our groups, as I know from HoundDawgs, are all over there and will continue to deliver quality releases to you.

Staff and T-Dawg would like to say a lot of thanks for the many super good hours we've had together,
We hope everyone will find a good home on iNFiNiTV