We start up the thread again with slightly modified regulations:

In this thread, there is no sharing of invites to Danish / Nordic trackers,
since everything of significance does come up on HoundDawgs.

In future, these Invites in a thread to uploaders,
welcoming us by sharing the material here, so I do not have to maintain the ratio in several places.

All other foreign trackers are allowed in this thread.

Otherwise, the good old rules.

>>>>>> INVITE RULES <<<<<<

No sharing of invites to Danish / Nordic trackers

1. If you swap or give away up to you, but make it clear to everyone else what your intention is.

2. All bytten is via PM and not in the wire itself.

3. You create only one post and keep it updated by editing ongoing. Repeated double-posts is not acceptable.

4. It's OK to establish requirements to provide Invites away. Keep them however to a minimum.

5. If your post is not updated for at least two months will be deleted.

6. There will be cleared up in the thread regularly.

For example:


1x TrackerA
3x TrackerB