Within 24 hours of its release, Hellblade crack is available to down on PC. Hackers have successfully managed to crack the game and release the ISO file on the internet. The crack is based on the GOG version of the title that released yesterday.

According to the information released alongside the ISO file, the package features Hellblade, Comic from GOG, and other items. The whole file is little over 10GB but requires 22GB of space in your HDD. It seems the developers didn’t spend much time encrypting their property.

But it is a fact that even if they would have, hackers wouldn’t have taken much time to crack it. The most anyone can do it out up Denuvo but even the world’s most powerful anti-tamper software isn’t as safe as advertised.

Previously, RIME developer Tequila Works went as far as removing the Denuvo protection from its game after it was cracked by hackers.

What’s interesting is that Denuvo itself was caught using pirated software, VMProtect. This information comes from a user named drVanо, who works at VMProtect Software. This company makes tools that help against reverse engineering and cracking.

Ninja Theory’s new game is now available on PC and PS4. It is best to grab the original game, the reviews are highly positive and the game deserves your support.