~ In test statistics IMPORTANT ~
2014 year-end assessment has begun, we are very concerned about the statistical evaluation of the data, hereby make the following instructions:
Because some time ago the site upgrade, focus primarily on functional optimization and bug treatment. Year-end assessment we did not want to cause too much burden, adjust policies that allow traffic through redeem help pass the examination, but the assessment of an upgrade program is not timely, resulting in current flow through redeem not included assessment of the progress bar. True kindness, but neglect this point, I'm really sorry.
Because the assessment has begun, temporarily change the assessment program, the impact is very large, are not considered. But please participate in the assessment of members at ease, November 1 examination announcement does not change the policies that allow redeem the assessment of the flowmeter. Technical staff will before the end of the assessment (31 January 2015) unified as we will redeem the bulk upload flow into the assessment of statistics.
Before applying for this waiver redeem membership and donations after the examination began starred members for the above reasons, there is still progress prompt assessment. But please be assured that this is a waiver of your assessment (starred user is ignoring subsequent assessment), so please ignore the prompt examination. Exemption appropriate action (to assess prompt) will delay the operation, inconvenience, sorry!