~ In test countdown tips ~
2014 year-end assessment is about to begin, the assessment details, see announcement on November 1, please meet the assessment criteria Member ready!
Points deduction waiver on the application, the assessment will be stopped before accepting applications; because the higher number is expected to begin processing after the assessment is completed 2-3 days, please feel at ease, not reminders;
Minority members in the near future complaints logged in six weeks, the incremental annual assessment and examination coincidence, according to data on past experience, the overlap period applies to both the assessment (ie assessment does not stack);
The appraisal of the problem do not understand, please read the announcement on November 1 assessment, rules and frequently asked questions, answers can not be found to confirm, to the novice area Ask a question;
Six weeks has been banned user is not logged in, will be phased out this year test to receive complaints, complaints or raise members' data requirements (considering the previous activity), hope cherish the opportunity.