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Alternate Server Fundraising, Need Everyone's Help

We have not received a grant yet, and we are a little lost. Only the new Alipay scans to earn bounty. Everyone helps to sweep and help the website to get the backup server funds in more ways.

First of all, thank you for your support to HD Street, a community dedicated to Chinese-language film and television.
In recent months, due to router provisioning by server providers, the website has experienced two short periods of inaccessibility. Has completely affected everyone's mood and produces some negative tone;
For a long time, because of the lack of advertising revenue in HD Street, the management team itself is poor, and only one server can be provided as a support for the website;
In order to avoid the re-emergence of inaccessibility, affecting everyone's mood of play, special activities for fundraising.
No matter how much you donate, thank you for your support, thank you! Please reply with the post after donation to facilitate statistics.

Why do you need an alternate server?
When the primary server cannot access, switch to the standby server in time to make a seamless connection;

The amount of funds required for fundraising: 1200 (close the target number)

The personnel participating in the fundraising can choose the following rewards:

1,200 yuan (including 200 yuan) one year VIP;
Award Magic = 20000 Upload Volume: 500G
2,400 yuan (including 400 yuan) two-year VIP;
Award Magic = 40000 Uploads: 1T
3,600 yuan (including 600 yuan) three-year VIP;
Award Magic = 60000 Uploads: 1.5T
4,1000 yuan (including 1000 yuan) five-year VIP;
Award Magic 1.0000 Uploads: 2.5T
5,1688 yuan (including 1688 yuan) permanent VIP.
Award Magic=200000 Uploads: 5T

The alternate server configuration is as follows:


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