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Backup server fundraising progress 1200 (total) / 400 (already completed)

Add A****** to scan and earn bounty, everyone will help sweep and help the website to get the backup server funds in more ways.

Support less than 50 yuan, reward 1000 magic value every 10 yuan
Support 50 yuan or more (including 50 yuan), award magic = 10000 Upload amount: 200G
200 yuan or more (including 200 yuan) one year VIP; award magic = 20000 Upload amount: 500G
400 yuan or more (including 400 yuan) two-year VIP; award magic = 40000 Upload amount: 1T
600 yuan or more (including 600 yuan) three years VIP; award magic = 60000 Upload amount: 1.5T
More than 1,000 yuan (including 1000 yuan) five-year VIP; award magic 1.0000 Upload amount: 2.5T
More than 1688 yuan (including 1688 yuan) permanent VIP. Award Magic=200000 Uploads: 5T