A few notes about HR, please be sure to pay attention to!!!

The core of PT is that someone has to do something, and if no one does it, it's a dead seed!

The point of HR is to prevent many new men from shutting down the software and forcing everyone to protect as much as possible.

Many people may not know much about the HR rules of this site, here are a few notes:

1. If your HR number is >5(that is, when a " clock " pattern appears next to your username ), you no longer enjoy the site's preferential policies, That means you download all the resources are calculated according to volume 100%!!!
In order to take the magic to reduce HR, so that your HR number is less than 5, before you can re-enjoy the site's preferential policies.

2. If the number of HR >20, currently temporarily cancel the policy of disabling the account, but will be downgraded the individual level, the elimination of personal download rights, at this time you can only do seed, can not download any resources. You can take the magic to reduce HR way, so that your HR number is less than 20 before you can restore download permissions.

So it is recommended that you control the number of HR within 5, if you already have too much HR, it is recommended to use magic to eliminate !!!

Finally, we recommend that you join the official QQ group, do not understand the issue welcome you to discuss a lot!