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Many people may not know what hr means. If you have a clock-like pattern next to your username, you will need to read the following carefully.

What is hr?
Each downloaded seed is automatically credited to an HR entry in the assessment.
For the HR in the assessment, within 14 days from the completion of the download, only one of the following requirements must be met:
1: Keep uploading for a total of 48 hours
2: Actual sharing rate of single seed ≥1

Once any of the assessment criteria is reached, the seed automatically becomes the target. (longest day delay)
If the above requirements are not met, it will be converted to non-compliance. At this time, only the magic value can be exchanged---the exemption gold medal is changed to the exemption.

What if the number of hrs is too large?
Users who fail to meet the HR number greater than 5 will be relegated to college freshmen and will not enjoy the full station promotion policy.
Users who fail to meet the HR number greater than 20 will be numbered