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Dear members

Thank you all for always being together with the sky! With the joint efforts of all of you over the years, the resources of the site are becoming more and more abundant, and also accompanied by the problem of higher and higher seeding breaking rate. Now, the research has decided to modify the way to obtain the karma points of the site. The main modifications are as follows:

1. Modify the formula of bonus points per hour, pay more attention to the number of torrents, encourage members to try to keep the torrents with a small number of torrents, and try not to change the torrents with a small number of torrents.

2. Modify the upper limit of karma per hour. The upper limit changes from 50 to 80.

3. Because the claim system only considers the number of claims, and there are relatively serious bugs at present, the karma points distribution of the claim system is temporarily cancelled, and the penalty of the claim system cancellation is suspended at the same time. The specific recovery time is to be determined.

After the modification, the time karma of members may change greatly at present. Please pay more attention to the members during the assessment period. Finally, I wish you a happy life and a smooth work.

Management Team