Due to the rapid development of the digital age, the current mobile TV has been fully implemented in the era of FHD (1080P) and UHD (4K), so the suppression group decided not to suppress and release 720p, the original iPad and 720p x264 suppression will be canceled.

In order to comply with the times, we have made changes to other versions.

- Remux remains unchanged and is published as a Blu-ray folder.
- Increased iPad 1080p x264 suppression, now most mobile phones and tablets are 1080p or more, for better viewing.
- Increase the iPad 1080p x265-10bit compression, which is even smaller than the original iPad 720p. Through repeated tests, even if the mobile phone can be played smoothly for more than two years, it is not excluded that some old devices cannot be played.
- The original 1080p x264 and x265-10bit no longer package DTS or DD (AC3) core audio tracks, all packaged as original Blu-ray tracks.

Please select the version you need when downloading.