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Thread: HDSky News

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    HDSky News

    2015.09.27 - free cum all stations open invitation to register notice | Global Freech and Invitation system open Notice
    天涯共此时festival times Sze! To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival cum reserved faithful members of the broad support of site management group prepared a few celebrations, as follows: The first bomb Activities: free 7 days of carnival feast for all! 天涯共此时festival times Sze! To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival cum reserved faithful members of the broad support of site management group decided with immediate effect to all stations free October 3, will be invited to authority delegated to all membership levels! From time to time during the open registration system, please inform the general membership of HD enthusiasts love around you! The following is a description of related activities: 1. The non-registration vest, vest those who registered, along with the main number ban together, and permanently sealed IP; 2. After 7 days of the new registered no download upload (free seeds can also be considered) data, The system will automatically delete the account, and can not be restored; 3. Novice assessment criteria: being invited person must meet the following requirements within 30 days: amount uploaded 60GB, downloads 60GB, magic value 3000 seeding rate 5. All items must be in the date of expiry of the period through the 30th, did not meet any one or several of the account will be considered as not pass the examination and be automatically disabled. Activities of the second bomb: show off your wonderful! Like my point! Novice bubble post-post: Mengchuo here to let everyone know you are a unique perhaps also handed a lifetime of good group intimate friendship girlfriends why not - the same time, we also provide you the courage to admit the shoes ready clearance artifact, novice Post subject to a specified area, containing less than 3 live from taking pictures, after administrator verification, handsome pot directly reward 1w magic value, MM will directly reward 10w magic value! Yan particularly high value GG or MM will get a person sent by the Master mysterious gift! Activity area Address: Mengchuo my third bomb Activities: Much change train novice seconds! Much longer without being bullied! Novice welfare: even the first day here, do not worry, you are a stone's throw away from the PT Much! Do not hesitate Mengchuo here to open dedicated his gorgeous journey!

    Events Fourth bomb: striving sky propagandists, magic cake humanity to take an open invitation period, opening promotion award, please Mengchuo here to get your own exclusive publicity links, and send him to your private circle of friends, your good girlfriends each successful click-based Friends (60 minutes only remember one valid click) will bring you all the magic value 10 reward Oh! Activities fifth bomb: no invitation code can still enter! Is so wayward during open invitation and for no invitation code around HD enthusiasts can not stop the case, the site open green channel. Please inform your friends will be able to prove their descent or HD enthusiasts pt identifiable information (such as broadband speed hard disk capacity of other site data resources theme screenshot HD original Blu-ray disc purchased resources Self-plans, etc.) and who wish to accept the invitation to be sent e-mail mail to the site: After this site will be verified by the administrator invitation code! sent to qualified applicants. HDSky management group that owns the final interpretation of this event HDSky Management Group September 27, 2015 Global Freech system Open Notice and Invitation To Celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, We are now Start Global Freech and Open the system until 00 Invitation : 00: 00 04.10.2015 (GMT +8). In this period of time, Will All of you guys have a Chance to Earn Additional Bonus if you Send your Personal promotionlink to your fully trusted Forums, Facebook or Twitter. Please Click here to get your Personal promotionlink.You Will Earn Bonus Additional 10 per 60 minutes if others Click your link. If you have not any Invitation, do not worry.Let Send your friend some Proof Materials (Speedtest result, HDD Capacity, other Tracker Data , BD Original photo sources and so on) to our Email: We Will Find Those Carefully verify it.If WE Proof Materials OK, We Will Send an Email Invitation Immediately to your friend. Cheers, HDSky Staff 27.09.2015
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