HDPTV team sincerely recruit personnel record:

In order to enrich the site's resources, sincere to the general membership recruitment HDPTV record total number of staff and record a version name

added requirements:
Moderators requires experience recordings, had served in other sites of priority, the recording member is required to record the experience
you do not want ? famous rivers and lakes you the opportunity to come on to fame, and look forward to joining you!

added benefits:
1. do not need to be approved, the direct release of resources;
2. the management group has membership Uploader flag, eliminating data assessment.
3. The monthly payment of wages by the management group (mean value of magic, no matter the money back, hard work);
4. internal communication, irregular work incentives, and extensive network of resources to team members sharing the potential benefits;
5 . dedicated hard HDPTV team members, retirement or family pension granted VIP status.